What When Your Order At The El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Bistro?

If you’re eating out at the El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Restaurant, you will have a huge decision ahead of you. You will need to decide which dish — or dishes — you want to order.

With the amount of tasty options on the menu, it could be difficult to pick just one meal. Having said that, you truly can’t fail with these choices:

Tres Baja Shrimp Tacos

The combination of shrimp and tacos just can’t be beat. If you’re a fan of tacos and fresh seafood, then you will certainly wish to order this dish the very next time that you just dine out.


These flautas, that are prepared with chicken, are totally mouthwatering. The spicy Mexican rice they are served with is additionally incredibly yummy.


Carne Asada

This can be a very popular Mexican meal, however it is specifically good once you order it in the El Rincon Carrollton Mexican Grill Restaurant. They may have truly found a method to make this traditional meal stand out.


Chimichongas will be the preferred meal of superhero Deadpool, and they are generally also probably the most popular dishes around the El Rincon menu.


There are several different types of fajitas about the menu here, and each one of them is utterly great. The shrimp and beef fajitas are especially well-liked by regulars.

Seafood Romaine Salad

If you’re on a diet, but they are still trying to find a meal you can experience, this salad should fit the bill effectively.

Once you have found the meal you want to buy, you are able to top it off having a shot of tequila or perhaps a margarita! You might check out the ample dessert menu.

Whatever you end up ordering, you will be excited together with your choice. The foodstuff is nothing short of amazing.