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Medical students have new required cooking course NEW ORLEANS — Medical school is no joke. Not with classes like anatomy, neuroscience, cell biology — and cooking. Yes, cooking. Cooking is a required course for first year students at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans. Tulane is leading the way in the booming field of culinary medicine. It seems like Tulane has a really good idea about not just making us good doctors, but making us like good at overall health and I think thats important, said one student. Leah Sarris is the first chef in the nation on a medical school faculty. I think there is part of it, there is a revolution in the way physicians are talking to their patients and including food in that conversation, she said. And some of it started here at Tulane with our culinary medicine courses. We are now in about 15 percent of medical schools in the United States, they have licensed our curriculums. why not look hereLeah Sarris with medical students in her cooking class at Tulane. CBS News The secret is convincing students that food thats good for you is also good. They think that it is going to taste like cardboard so I think we pleasantly surprise people, said Sarris. Chef Leah Sarris. CBS News In the evening, the medical students become teachers, helping community members like Susan Bouchon and Cynthia Edwards learn the secrets of healthy cooking. Cynthia said her whole family is eating healthier now. Yes, they eat tofu, they eat quinoa, they are eating whole oats, they dont know, she said. They like it.

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It’s clearly a place close to his heart, and reflects how he might view the White House. (Photo: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images) Conflict and Donald Trump made for great television drama. Who didn’t enjoy the boardroom arguments on The Apprentice in its heyday? And if the transition is any indication, CEO President Trump’s administration is likely to be a breeding ground for conflict, too. These days, corporate culture is supposed to be collaborative. As FORBES contributor August Turak put it, “Good leaders are great at resolving conflict. pop over to this siteGreat leaders keep conflict from arising in the first place.” But, Trump is clearly someone who enjoys pitting people — and companies — against each other, like a mini version of the big race in Ben Hur. There’s already a preview of what to expect from Trump, the CEO president, and there’s little doubt that touchy-feely management techniques will not be a hallmark of his White House. Here are some things for journalists to watch in 2017.

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