The problem with dismissing his all-of-the-above approach to policy, however, is that some of what he says is absolutely true. Trumponomics does not exist in the way that Ryanomics or Hillarynomics do — as a set of assumptions about human behavior, arranged to support a platform of policies. But it does exist. Donald Trump has a gift. He is able to poke at the places where consensus among academics has given way to confusion. Dumping Stocks In his interview with Varney, Trump said hed gotten out of equities, and implied that those with 401(k)s should, too. This, he reasoned, because of immigration, and because of Syrian refugees. Candidates for President dont normally call the top of a market, and there is no sign that hedge funds or sell-side equity strategists are looking at Syrian refugees. But then came a paragraph of Trumponomics — a list of uncomfortable things that might be true. curriculum vitae“Look, interest rates are artificially low,” he said.

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